Multiple Sclerosis Management that's smart and convenient

Home-based convenience with multiple sclerosis management and disease monitoring through our unique app-based cognitive assessments & dexterity support with intelligent medical insoles for vital walking & balance changes.

Celestra Health Medical Smart Insole App

Working in collaboration with world-leading clinicians in Multiple Sclerosis Management

Celestra Health is developing a Multiple Sclerosis Treatment Management Solution that uses smart insoles containing a variety of high precision sensors to feed critical body movement data to a dedicated smartphone MS app. This will enable patients and doctors to better manage the realities of living with this lifelong condition.
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Walking movement is referred to as ‘gait’ and our MS smart insoles detect subtle changes in walking and balance over time that represents a critical marker for a patient’s MS condition. When monitored correctly, this data can significantly improve clinician decision making and in turn, positively affect the treatment offered to patients.


When using Celestra Health’s solution, a unique gait signature is established for each patient. Using continual information sent from the sensors to the Multiple Sclerosis app, we can identify subtle changes that would otherwise not be detectable by either the patient or the clinician.


Combined with the intelligent insoles, the Multiple Sclerosis app includes clinically validated digital cognitive and upper limb dexterity assessments to provide a more comprehensive measure of the patient’s MS condition.


Our body movement data collection and digital assessments are conducted in the comfort of your own home to provide an early warning system for change, for either improvement in the case of an effective drug therapy or a deterioration in the case of disease progression.
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Celestra Health is a Personal Multiple Sclerosis Management Solution That Reveals Your Individual MS Treatment Journey

The AI Powered Multiple Sclerosis App

Celestra Health is a simple to use solution that collects data from the patient’s smart insoles and combines it with periodic cognitive and upper limb dexterity assessments to provide highly granular insights into the patient’s disease condition.
  • Multiple Sclerosis Treatment Support App - Profile Setup


    Configure the smartphone app with personal details
    Multiple Sclerosis Treatment Support App - Pairing Insoles


    Using a bluetooth function, pair your smart insoles to your phone
    Multiple Sclerosis Treatment Support App - Calibrate Insoles


    Calibrate the insoles to ensure feedback is accurate
    Multiple Sclerosis Treatment Support App - Clinician Set Goals


    Your clinician can set goals and recommendations for you to undertake at home
  • Multiple Sclerosis Treatment Support App - Walking Goals


    Undertake short walking and movement goals using the insoles
    Multiple Sclerosis Treatment Support App - Cognitive Dexterity Tasks


    Complete surveys, cognitive assessments and upper dexterity tasks through the app
    Multiple Sclerosis Treatment Support App - AI Condition Insights


    Artificial Intelligence algorithms measure and unlock valuable insights for treatment direction
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Smart, Comfortable, Lightweight and Durable MS Smart Insoles

The Celestra Health solution starts within your shoe. Our smart insoles are durable and fit into preferred footwear easily and comfortably, in the same way as a standard running or walking insole would. 
These insoles contain cutting-edge sensors that are used to generate a unique gait signature for each patient and to track subtle changes over time. Personalized insights are shared with the patient through a smartphone application and to clinicians via a secure web portal.
Celestra medical smart Insole sensor points


The medical-grade smart insoles are controlled via the app, and include highly sensitive calibration algorithms.


Multiple sensors are used to capture movement-related data, including acceleration, direction, pressure, speed and rotation. This data is transmitted wirelessly to the patient's smartphone using a Bluetooth connection.


Advanced AI algorithms translate the sensor data into real-time gait metrics such as stride length / duration, step height, swing velocity, center of pressure, turn time, cadence and more. Continuous monitoring enables the formation of a highly accurate picture of disease condition over time.

Designed for Everyday Use

By working closely with patients and clinicians alike, Celestra Health has developed an unobtrusive MS-specific monitoring solution designed for everyday use, for tracking subtle changes that would otherwise not be detected.
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Clinicians typically meet with their patients every 6 to 12 months; it is often challenging to assess whether the patient’s condition has significantly changed during the constraints of a 30-minute visit. By providing clinicians with a continuum of objective data, the patient’s condition can be accurately assessed, while eliminating the effects of good days / bad days.


Configuration is simple with a mobile device and automated through our smart phone app.

We've Partnered With Leading Health Professionals 

Meet some of the world-leading partners and advisors who are helping Celestra Health change the standard for Multiple Sclerosis treatment.

Dr. Mark Freedman

Senior Neurologist, Director MS Research Unit, The Ottawa Hospital, Canada
Principal investigator on over 100 MS clinical trials, including pioneering work on Bone Marrow Transplants for MS patients published in The Lancet.

Dr. Tanuja Chitnis

Professor of Neurology at Harvard Medical School
Currently serves on the steering committee of several national and international committees for MS research and management

Dr. Sharmilee Gnanapavan

Senior Neurologist, Barts Health NHS Trust, London, UK

Leading global authority on the use of biomarkers for MS

Conrad Smits

Former Executive Vice President / CEO of Philips Healthcare business units, including MRI and Ultrasound divisions


Professor Ryan Graham

Professor of Biomechanics, Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Ottawa, Canada
Award-winning researcher with over 200 publications

David Wyndham-Lewis

Former CIO of a London-based hospital, London, UK, with 25 years experience in UK healthcare system


Yung Kim

Former President of Korea Telecom


Specialized Wearable Technology

Celestra Health's intelligent, connected insoles are linked wirelessly to an easy-to-use software application prescribed by the clinician that is installed by the patient on their personal smartphone. The app periodically instructs patients to complete walking, cognitive and dexterity tasks that have been prescribed by their clinicians. All patient data is uploaded and stored securely in the cloud, where advanced AI algorithms are used to generate a well-rounded assessment of the patient’s condition. These patient tasks are designed to be quick to complete (typically less than 5 minutes) , with gamification techniques employed to keep the patient engaged.


Each time the insoles are worn, the Celestra app assesses the gait metrics of the patient in comparison to their historical gait signature. In addition to tracking gait changes, the Celestra Health solution can detect walking events such as foot drops and to identify specific walking phenotypes, such as ataxic, spastic or hemiplegic. 

In the event of signs of significant disease progression, the clinician is automatically notified of the change, potentially triggering a change in treatment.
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Unlike a sports watch or fitness tracker, Celestra Health’s smart insoles represent the most accurate wearable technology for monitoring Multiple Sclerosis patients. Smart watches and other connected devices do not offer the range and depth of specialized gait analysis needed to accurately monitor for changes in disease condition.


By connecting the smart insoles through our patient app and sharing the insights with the patient and clinician, highly granular changes in the patient’s condition can be identified simply and quickly, with treatment programs tailored accordingly.

The Gait and Multiple Sclerosis

A person’s walking technique is called their ‘gait’, and it has been determined that over 80% of MS patients experience gait-related disorders. Celestra Health has designed a solution that detects subtle changes in gait as a key indicator for the patient’s disease condition.


Celestra Health provides both patients and clinicians with a graphical analysis of changes in the patient’s gait over time.


Even small changes in cadence, balance, muscle strength and distance-related fatigue can be detected in a person’s gait. The Celestra Health solution identifies these changes (both negative and positive) as part of monitoring a patient’s condition and better informing the treatment process.
Celestra Health provides patients with the features, reliability and ease-of-use to take more proactive control of their Multiple Sclerosis Management.
Celestra smart insoles gait measurement

Part of Your Health Insurance Plan

Celestra Health's solution is easy-to-use and affordable. Some or all the costs involved may be covered through your local health insurance provider or government health plan. 

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Analyze Walking and Balance For Falls Prevention

As MS Develops in a patient, their gait signature subtly changes. Celestra Health’s AI-powered medical smart insole and Multiple Sclerosis app detect and alert patients and doctors to subtle changes.
Celestra Health Prevent Falls - Smart Medical Insole Multiple Sclerosis App
Our MS app and smart insole provide actionable insights, trends and predictions for the gait and balance of an individual that can so easily easily go undetected.

The solution is suitable for MS patients, Parkinson's disease and elderly people looking for reassurance. We can identify disease progression the changes in walking and balance or whether someone is at an increased risk of a fall.

To prevent falls, the app sends an alert to the user, therapist or doctor to actively undertake a course of action for fall prevention.
Prevent Falls

Celestra Health’s solution is categorized as a Class 2 medical device (Software as a Medical Device) for unobtrusively monitoring MS patients in their home environment and delivering novel digital biomarker insights into the patient’s disease condition.

Novel Digital Biomarker for Multiple Sclerosis Monitoring

Celestra Health Medical Multiple Sclerosis App Smart Insoles
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