The Most Accurate Multiple Sclerosis App and Medical Insole Combination

A unique MS treatment monitoring and awareness solution combining smart insoles with a powerful, supportive Multiple Sclerosis App
Celestra Health Medical Multiple Sclerosis App Smart Insoles
Multiple sclerosis (MS) can be an unpredictable disease that can impact the body's signals with the brain leading to effects on mobility and cognitive ability. People living with this disease have different outcomes and symptoms with disease progression varying widely. 

Fortunately, technology such as focused multiple sclerosis apps and smart insoles have come a long way with features that make managing MS easier with data that is increasingly valuable to doctors.
Living with this disease and effectively monitoring unpredictable symptoms such as changes in balance, mental agility and fatigue is most effective when using solutions tailor made for MS patients such as Celestra Health's MS Insole and mobile app combination.
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How Our Multiple Sclerosis App and Insole Works

Combined with the insoles that have been exclusively designed for monitoring balance and gait in patients, the multiple sclerosis app unites this information with tests, assessments and clinician led goals to help understand disease progression. This in turn leads to a broader set of data to better understand symptoms, establish clinical journey and more fittingly support the patient.
Multiple Sclerosis Treatment Support App - Profile Setup


The smartphone multiple sclerosis app is downloaded and a personal profile is created.
Multiple Sclerosis Treatment Support App - Pairing Insoles


The app is connected and paired to the smart insoles through Bluetooth.
Multiple Sclerosis Treatment Support App - Calibrate Insoles


Calibrate the medical insoles in a few seconds to ensure feedback is accurate.
Multiple Sclerosis Treatment Support App - Clinician Set Goals


Goals can be agreed and set by your clinician to complete conveniently at home.
Multiple Sclerosis Treatment Support App - Walking Goals


Walking tests can start to build an understanding of multiple sclerosis development and trends.
Multiple Sclerosis Treatment Support App - Cognitive Dexterity Tasks


Combine surveys, upper limb dexterity assessments and cognitive tests using the MS app
Multiple Sclerosis Treatment Support App - AI Condition Insights


See how your condition develops and see useful trends and insights to better help clinical outcomes.

Why Use a Multiple Sclerosis App and Intelligent Insole Combination?

One of the main causes of disability in people with MS and one of the most challenging symptoms is gait deficiency. Our highly accurate insole and Multiple Sclerosis app combination is a precise tool with documented results comparable to a medical based gait lab.
Celestra Multiple Sclerosis App Comparison Smart Insoles
This data was collected from healthy participants walking for 7 minutes; the Correlation Factor measures the strength of the relationship between the two measurements - anything above 0.7 is considered a high correlation, anything above 0.89 is very high, and 1 is a perfect score / exceptional result.
The gait is a unique walking pattern for each individual that is captured through our intelligent insoles, then monitored and analysed through the mobile app.

The other benefit of combining the gait analysis with our MS app is that we enable the ability to undertake cognitive assessments and upper limb dexterity tests to fully understand your disease situation. Adding these results to your smart insoles monitoring can give both yourself and your doctors a more current understanding of any issues and adjust medications accordingly.

Multiple Sclerosis App Based Assessments

Celestra Health enables people to undertake brain tracker exercises to help reduce the experience with brain fog through incremental assessments. Maintain function, improve cognition and train your brain to benefit logic, memory, and reasoning abilities through skills based training.


Movement of the body when suffering with MS is due to a breakdown in the protective cover around each nerve including the spinal cord and brain making it harder for your body to communicate with the muscle. Our upper limb dexterity tasks and hand to eye coordination is measured using appropriate games within the app leading to results you can monitor and refer back to to identify whether the condition is stable, deteriorating or improving.


MS cognitive ability tracking matched with the medical smart insole calculations can see whether a change has been identified with your treatment course. A timely reminder and schedule can be set by yourself, family or medical team to help support conditions to understand and identify a new developed symptom or improvement. Understanding cognitive disorders can help both the patient with emotional support, but also the clinicians with a suitable course of treatment.
Multiple Sclerosis App Cognitive and Dexterity Assessments

Walking Using the MS App With Insoles

It is well documented that after 15 years of living with Multiple Sclerosis, half of patients will require walking assistance. 

We aim to reduce this significantly through effective monitoring to fully understand disease progression
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Research has identified that the most common gait abnormalities in MS patients are a decrease in step length or stride, a slower, more purposeful walking speed with an increase in step width and less force applied through the ankles.

Effects on muscle tightness or spasticity can interfere with a patients gait and change the walking pattern. Celestra Health offers highly accurate walking tests through the app using the paired, calibrated insoles. If you are suffering from MS and believe you are experiencing balance problems resulting in a swaying or “drunken” type of gait, you may be suffering from an associated condition known as ataxia. Evidence in your walking trends are collated and interpreted through the app to clearly show changes or improvements in movement to help boost clinical care.

Currently, patients can undertake three-dimensional computerised analysis on their walking pattern in an appropriate medical facility gait lab which will report changes in movement compared with a previous analysis. Celestra Health's multiple sclerosis app monitors these walking patterns and gives you the valuable information to walking history and changes in balance and stride.
Identify Walking and Balance Trends to Predict and Prevent Falls
As MS Develops in a patient, so does their gait signature and Celestra Health’s AI-powered medical-grade smart insole and app technology can identify and detect subtle changes over time through ongoing monitoring to the risk of falling.
Our smart insole and AI powered app combination provides doctors and patients with actionable insights, trends and predictions that could easily go undetected.

The solution is suitable for ageing citizens, MS patients or Parkinson's disease and can identify how fast a disease is progressing or whether an individual is at an increased risk of falling.

To reduce the risks of falling, the app sends an alert to the user, support care or clinician and they can actively take a course of action to mitigate a potentially dangerous fall.
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Novel Digital Biomarker for Multiple Sclerosis Monitoring

Celestra Health Medical Multiple Sclerosis App Smart Insoles
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